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Total Finish - Silk radiance in powder perfection

TOTAL FINISH has undergone an upgrade to become one with the skin.​


Specially treated powders smooth and even the complexion with comforting moisture, to provide breathable coverage and a naturally healthy glow. ​


Fresh, seamless and luminous throughout the day.​ SILK SKIN is your skin, effortlessly enhanced.​

Ultra‑Fitting Fine Powder – The signature silk glow

Treated with the precision of Japanese craftsmanship under controlled conditions, the Ultra‑Fitting Fine Powder boasts excellent adhesion to skin and a silk glow that is unparalleled.


Silky Powder Coating – The signature silk feel


Powders that undergo a surface treatment with amino acids are joined with Ultra‑Fitting    Fine Powders and blended in plant‑derived oils, to ensure moisturising comfort and a non‑powdery finish.

Available in 9 refill shades.

Case COMPACT CASE FOR TOTAL FINISH is sold separately:


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