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Personal Data Protection and Processing


1. Data Controller Identification

  • The limited liability company HQ – PLUS  s.r.o., with registered offices at Chotovická 1788/10, Prague 8 - Kobylisy, post code 180 00, business ID 260463481, as the operator of the SILKY SALON cosmetic parlour, processes the following personal data as ”data controller” if you order services of our operation (hereinafter just “Parlour”) in the sense of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation):

    • First name, surname, phone number

    • And further only in the case of the client´s interest e-mail address and date of birth

  • The first name, surname and phone number of the client needs to be processed for the purpose of record of supply on the part of HQ – PLUS  s.r.o. company, with registered seat at Chotovická 1788/10, 182 00 Prague 8 - Kobylisy, business ID 260463481 (hereinafter “Controller”), including but not limited to placing an order of services in the Parlour reservation system. These personal data will be processed by the Controller for the period of duration of the contractual relationship between the client and the Parlour, unless the client grants consent with further processing. Our service cannot be provided without processing of these personal data for technical reasons.


2. Consent with Personal Data Processing for Marketing Purposes


  • If the client grants their consent to the Controller by filling out the internal form of the Parlour to process the following personal data of the client:  

    • First name and surname

    • E-mail address

    • Phone number

    • Date of birth (without providing the year of birth, if the client wishes)

      Then these data will be processed exclusively for internal need of the Parlour in connection with addressing the client by e-mail or by phone with invitations to events organised by the Parlour or with birthday congratulations. These data will be processed by the Controller for 5 years.


  • If the client grants their explicit consent with the above described data processing this consent may be withdrawn at any time, for example by sending an e-mail or letter to the contact address of the Controller: e-mail:, address: HQ – PLUS  s.r.o., Chotovická 1788/10, 182 00 Prague 8 – Kobylisy, see also the chapter Information about Client Rights in Connection with Personal Data Processing.



3. Personal Data Processing on the Basis of Legitimate Interest


Provision of personal data necessary for contract implementation, fulfilment of legal duties and protection of legitimate interests is compulsory. Our services cannot be provided without provision of these data to us. We do not need your consent for your personal data processing for these purposes. Personal data processing for the purpose of contract implementation, fulfilment of legal obligations and for the reason of pursuing legitimate interest of the Controller cannot be rejected.

These purposes include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Assurance of the possibility to visit the Parlour (implementation of the service provision contract); for this purpose the scope of personal data we process includes: academic degree, first name, surname, phone number, and potentially e-mail address, the method of payment for the services

  2. Purposes laid down by special legislation for the need of criminal proceeding and for fulfilment of the liability to provide assistance to the Police of the Czech Republic and other authorities of the state (fulfilment of legal obligations)

  3. Enforcement of receivables towards the client and other customer disputes (legitimate interest); for this purpose the scope of personal data we process includes: first name and surname/company name and registered seat,  address, birth certificate number/business ID, numbers of overdue invoices, maturity dates of the invoices, amounts due, variable symbols for payment, contact phone number, e-mail address, (legitimate interest of the company)

Personal data for these activities are processed in the scope necessary for these activities and for the minimum necessary time needed for their accomplishment or for the period required by the applicable legislation. After that the personal data are erased or depersonalised.


In the case of Parlour clients the Controller is entitled to process, in the case of fulfilment of all mutual liabilities, their basic personal, identification and contact data in its client database for the period of 4 years from expiration or termination of the last service provision contract.

Issued invoices are archived for 10 years from the date of their issue in compliance with § 35 of Act no 235/2004 Coll., on Value Added Tax. For the reason of potential necessity to document legal reason for invoice issue even service provision contracts are archived for 10 years from their expiration or termination date.


4. Information about Client Rights in Connection with Personal Data Processing


  1. Right of Access to Personal Data

The client is entitled to access their personal data, including their right to obtain:

  • Confirmation whether we process the client´s personal data

  • Information about the purposes of the processing

  • A copy of the processed personal data


The application can be sent in writing to the address of the Controller specified above or delivered in person to the Parlour.


2. Right to Correction of Inaccurate Data

We will correct your inaccurate data without undue delay. The request for personal data correction can be applied by phone, by e-mail or in person in the Parlour.


3. Right to Data Erasure

The client may request erasure of their personal data unless we are able to prove legitimate reasons for their continued processing. Here please note that we have set processes that will erase your personal data unless we hold a valid consent with their processing or unless we are able to document legitimacy of our interest.


4. Right to Processing Restriction

In the case of filing a complaint or a submission the client has the right to restriction of their personal data processing until the complaint or submission settlement

5. Right to Notification of Correction, Erasure or Restriction of Processing

On the basis of client´s request we will inform them about any performed correction or erasure of their personal data, except for cases when this appears to be impossible or non-proportionally costly. The request can be submitted in writing to the address of the Controller.

6. Right to Data Portability

The client has the right to data portability, i.e. the right to have their data transferred to another controller. We will transfer the data, if technically feasible, on condition of due appointment and possibility of identification of the person acting in the name of the other controller and unless the personal data transfer infringe third party rights. The application for personal data transfer to another controller must be submitted in writing to the address of the Controller.

7. Right to Objection against Personal Data Processing

The Client has the right to raise an objection against their personal data processing for the reason of legitimate interest of the Controller. If we fail to prove existence of a serious legitimate interest in processing, then we terminate the processing on the basis of this objection without undue delay. The objection must be submitted in writing to the address of the Controller.

8. Right to Withdrawing Consent with Personal Data Processing

The consent with personal data processing can be withdrawn at any time. This can be done either in writing on the address of the Controller or by electronic mail on: The consent withdrawal must include the reason for withdrawal of the consent with personal data processing.



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