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Three well-known female artists went to a Zen soirée and were pampered with Japanese silk in the Silky salon. Even the best care needs care. Even Zlata Adamovská, who has graced TV screens with her refined beauty since the 1980s, knows a thing or two about this. "My skin takes a beating in the theater. The dusty environment, layers of make-up, your face will be touched by many things," laughs Meryl Streep's dubbing voice. "So a visit to the beauty salon would be the most convenient for me right after the performance, since it's also across the street from the theater (Studio DVA theater), unfortunately I don't make it as often as I'd like. I make up for it at home, beauticians recommended high-quality cosmetics for my skin type, I definitely don't skimp on that," confides Zlata Adamovská.

They met their colleague Jana Krausová and cellist Terezia Kovalová near Wenceslas Square, where there is a special that focuses on Japanese cosmetics. "After twenty years in development and construction practice, I longed for a "girl's business". I was interested in the philosophy of the SENSAI brand, which is based on ancient tea rituals and which is the basis of all Japanese Imperial Koishimaru silk products. This has the rare property of promoting the natural renewal of hyaluronic acid. Clients leave beautifully rested and their skin is like silk," explains the owner of Silky Salon, Barbara Vykusová.

Cellist Terezie Kovalová has beautiful skin herself. She confirmed that, however, it is not all about genetics and daily care must not be neglected. "My mother taught me to go to cosmetics when I was a teenager. In addition to the benefits for my skin, it is mainly a time of rest and relaxation for me. It happened to me more than once that I fell asleep on the deckchair," admits the talented artist with a smile. "Thanks to going to cosmetics, I have a better idea of ​​what my skin wants to tell me and how to help it. Sometimes I don't get enough sleep, but hydration and quality food always help."

The SENSAI brand also relies on original procedures that are based on traditional Saho (Japanese Etiquette) tea rituals. Terezia Kovalová, who has experience with the brand, was therefore not surprised when trained specialists showed them the procedures for using cosmetics, which consist of double cleansing, double hydration and double application. Actresses Zlata Adamovská and Jana Krausová, on the other hand, recalled the time when only one face cream was available on the market and watched with interest how the silk line of products was used.

This was followed by treatments according to the ladies' choice - Zlata Adamovská tried daily make-up with SENSAI cosmetics, Terezie Kovalová couldn't resist skin care according to the aforementioned Saho ritual, and Jana Krausová had her hands treated and tried a manicure.

Actress Jana Krausová, who also literally jumped from the theater across the street, was pleasantly surprised at what an oasis of calm she has right across from work. "I personally bet on the gentlest possible natural cosmetics. I don't think that as actresses we need any extra care, but we have a bit of a responsibility to stay natural, that's why I avoid all invasive methods. And a lot of my colleagues from the theater too, so it's no surprise that I meet them here (at the Silky salon). When you rehearse late into the evening, you and your skin are tired. Sometimes it happens that after the performance I completely pass out in bed and there is no time for care, so it often turns out that I only come here when it is at its worst or when I am very busy," says Czech actress and artist Jana Krausová.

In addition to SENSAI cosmetic treatments, the Silky salon also offers manicures, pedicures, lymphatic and aromatherapy massages, and eyelash lamination.



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