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The Mask Ultimate

ULTIMATE THE MASK harnesses the regenerative power of the night. The velvety rich, no-rinse cream mask gradually transforms into a silky oil that envelops the skin in a sublime glow, nourishing it and at the same time revealing its inner beauty. Silky Glow Layering Formula intensively hydrates skin overnight to harness its natural potential. In the morning, the skin is radiant and supple.

The specially developed massage plate respects the lines of the face and décolletage. While you allow yourself a moment of relaxation, open your senses to the characteristic scent of ULTIMATE.

Formula for silky glowing skin / Silky Glow Layering Formula

The ethereal glow of fine silk is captured in the Silky Glow Layering Formula. The velvety rich creamy texture melts upon application and transforms into a silky oil that glides on as if it blends with the skin, giving it the nourishment hidden in carefully selected oils. Intense hydration is locked in to make the skin more resilient and reveal its naturalness. Everything leads to the fact that the skin shines in its own light.

Overnight, the skin rests in deep comfort and wakes up in the morning with an exceptionally sublime glow.

SENSAI science

Our proprietary complexes


Koishimaru Silk Infinite

Selected plant extracts, including Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus Leaf Extract and Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract, harnessing the moisturizing properties of Koishimaru Silk, are combined to capture a vital moment in the skin and soften the visible effects of time.


Eternal Sakura Complex

A powerful complex that uses sakura or cherry blossom to increase skin energy production to reduce damage caused by UV rays and free radicals*. Sakura's powerful regenerative power, firmness and radiance are maintained as the skin's natural beauty is encouraged to bloom endlessly.

* tested in vitro.


Silky Glow Effector

A mixture of plant extracts inhibits the formation of advanced glycation

End products (AGEs) in the epidermis promote natural keratinization and also inhibit the inflammatory reaction in the epidermis*. The effector has been identified for its ability to visibly reduce skin dullness and stabilize skin condition.

* tested in vitro.


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