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Soft embrace of the silk

Skincare is not only about optimal achievement of result, SENSAI believe that skincare is also pleasure and relax in the moment of care.

Our new product belongs to of skincare line EXPERT, COMFORTING BARRIER MASK, combine skincare and selfcare. Absolutely new toward for your skin, cream mask which deeply nourish and in the meantime boost protect barrier of the skin. Impacts relieve redness of the skin, hold freshness and moisturize.

Apply mask in the end your daily skincare ritual. Soft touch of silk provide you immediately feel of piece and quiet.


Cream mask for velvety soft complexion.

A new journey to protect and strengthen delicate skin in one application.

Nowadays, our skin encounters environmental and other stressors that have an adverse effect on it. All the negative effects over time leave visible and unwanted signs of fatigue, stress and fine lines on our skin.

Women often feel hopeless when looking for a way to care for delicate skin; dryness, redness, loss of softness and other unwanted symptoms we encounter. Caring for delicate skin is demanding, its sensitivity and the influence of negative factors can cause problems that arise for many unidentifiable reasons. The key to maintaining healthy skin is nourishing and maintaining a strong skin barrier.

SENSAI Layering Barrier Care uses an approach that is not only gentle but also effective. It is simply applied at the end of your usual skin care routine. This care strengthens the barrier function of the skin and improves its natural ability to retain moisture.

The mask nourishes the skin and helps it to defend against dryness, redness and loss of softness. The creamy texture applies gently and with a smooth touch creates a transparent moisture-locking film that is essential for delicate skin. With the scent of Koishimaru silk, all your senses will be immersed in a luxurious experience and relaxation. Over time, your skin will be soft, smooth and hydrated, like a fine silk veil.

Proven effectiveness in just four weeks.

Significant and visible improvement in redness, roughness and loss of moisture.


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