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LIFT FOCUS ESSENCE - elevate your skin to beauty!

Celebrating nature has always been at the core of SENSAI.

From the selection of responsibly selected materials to innovatively thought-out design. Our journey has always followed the Japanese way of living in harmony with nature.

In 2023, SENSAI is committed to this journey more than ever through our Japanese Sustainable Luxury initiative as a way to transform the future.

A new addition to our EXPERT collection, LIFT FOCUS ESSENCE is designed to envelop the skin smoothly like a ball of silk thread, firming and lifting its contours.

Applied with a unique massage method. The essence adheres to the skin with perfect affinity and visibly shapes the contours of the face. For comprehensively firmer skin, reveal your new beauty..

With LIFT FOCUS ESSENCE, raise your skin to a new level of beauty and predestinate it for a new future.

The new LIFT FOCUS ESSENCE wave for an immediately noticeable firming effect in combination with our original massage method. A silky essence, designed to elevate your look. It is easy to apply and has a perfect affinity for the skin, while the methodical steps of the original massage method help to visibly redefine the features and contours of the face. Enjoy a visibly firmer look and boost your self-confidence.

Lifting effects when applied for 4 weeks

85.5% of women reported that their contours looked firmer.*

83.6% - of women agreed that their skin is less saggy.*

92.7% - of women reported that they felt much more positive.*

*Consumer testing on 55 women for 4 weeks. (GER/ITA)


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