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The texture of the polish on your lips.

LASTING PLUMP LIPSTICK takes gloss to the next level of Sensai luxury. Inspired by roiro-nuri, a traditional Japanese lacquering technique admired for centuries for the depth of its dewy, glaze-like shine. We transfer and create this unique varnish effect on your lips. Like clear glaze, your lips will be covered with a fine film of rich gloss that visibly smoothes contours, reduces fine lines and plumps lips. Give your lips a fuller, more youthful appearance in an instant. It perfectly envelops your lips in a veil of comfort. A light texture that won't make yours sticky. Enjoy elegantly sophisticated glamor all day long.


A Japanese painting technique in which the uneven surfaces of wood-based materials are primed and polished. This is followed by several layers of urushi, raw lacquer, to create a thick and clear layer covering the entire material. Each layer is completely dried before the next layer is applied. This art of successively applying varnish layer by layer creates a unique surface. SENSAI reinterprets this exquisite craft to achieve the desired look of lacquer gloss in a single stroke.

A long-lasting formula that plumps up your lips

The Lasting Plump formula is designed to recreate a beautiful roiro-nuri shine. It combines Plumping Powder with a blend of oils to offer a richly dewy lacquer effect. A clear glaze covering your lips, a formula that visibly smoothes and fills the contours of the lips, giving them fullness and a perfect shine.

Color Fix Oil

Color Fix Oil acts as a binder in the Lasting Plump Formula. When applied to the lips, it absorbs moisture from the breath and transforms into a soft gel film that adheres perfectly to the lips. This effect ensures that the shade of the lipstick stays on your lips throughout the day.


The new generation lipstick creates the perfect balance between long-lasting shine, color and comfort. The creamy texture adheres to the lips immediately after application. With the softness and lightness of fine silk, it provides a color effect and a soothing sensation of hydration in one stroke.

The Lasting Plump Formula gives the lips a richly dewy effect that looks like a glaze. For visibly plumped lips with a long-lasting effect. Add shine to the lips with the varnish and its bright color. Instantly smoother, fuller and more youthful looking. Lipstick case and refill sold separately.

The range offers twelve carefully curated shades.

Our commitment to sustainability:

  • Squalane is a highly purified oil extracted from sugar cane.

  • The case is partially made of bioplastic.

  • Lipstick case and refill sold separately. The case can be used multiple times by changing the filling.

  • The empty tension can be divided into metal and plastic parts.

  • The outer carton is made of FSC certified material.


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