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Intensive Hand Treatment & Treatment Gloves

The story of the eternal secret of beauty preserved in the hands of time

The cosmetic value of silk was first recognized when the hands of women who wound and wove silk threads were admired for incredibly smooth, supple and radiant skin. This discovery initiated extensive research into different types of silk that lasted several decades.

This effort eventually led to the discovery of Koishimaru silk - the most authentic and rare silk from Japan. Its exclusively unique ability to support the production of hyaluronic acid, necessary to maintain supple and hydrated skin. A unique combination of silk with expert science - our innovation spanning time to bring this beauty secret into your hands.

Renovating one of our staples since its first launch in 1999 - CELLULAR PERFORMANCE INTENSIVE HAND TREATMENT bringing beauty and softness once unique to the hands of women who spun silk. Formulated to achieve beautiful hands and nails.

Silk cream with its emollient touch softens and hydrates dry and overworked hands. It enriches them with beauty up to the tips of the nails. Hands wrapped in a light silk veil are nourished, radiant and delicately scented.


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